6 Weeks To A Fit & Healthy You!

Aahhhh!  what do I eat? Should I be vegan or paleo?  Is dairy ok?  Red meat?  Grains? Do I eat the yolk or not?  Low fat?  Lots of fat?  Avoid butter? Put butter in my coffee? Is agave ok? Honey? Stevia?  Organic brown sugar? Should I be fasting? Grazing? Should I eat sugar once a week? On special occasions? How do I do THAT!  How do I NOT eat cake?  Help! What do I eat?

Does that sound like the noise in your head?  If so, you aren’t alone. We are constantly bombarded with radical new science and health fads all claiming the secret to make us fit, lean, energized, and forever young. So, what should YOU eat?

We are very excited to be offering this fantastic package with our good friend and longtime client, Gabrielle Pace!

The Package Includes

  • 6, one hour health and nutrition workshops with Gabrielle
  • Email support from Gabrielle
  • Simple, informative handouts to increase your nutrition knowledge
  • 2 Pilates training sessions a week with any of our awesome trainers
  • The knowledge and motivation to live a healthier, happier life!

About the Program

This program won’t give you a grocery list, meal planner, powders, bars, shakes or pills.  We aren’t interested in giving you a “diet” to lose weight fast only to gain it back before 2015 is half way through.  We want you to learn the tools to make educated and informed food and lifestyle choices throughout 2015 (and the rest of your life) so you can eat to be your most fit and vibrant self.